Patios Dallas TX – Benefits Of Concrete Pavers

A patio made from concrete pavers adds more than just a beautiful look to your yard. Patios from pavers add a virtually maintenance free aspect to outdoor living. The alternatives are pale comparisons at best. A wooden deck needs to be replaced every eight years or so depending on weather conditions, moisture and several other factors that cause wooden decks to rot.

A stone patio will give you all the beauty of a manicured lawn without any of the mowing, weeding or fertilizing. Patio pavers add a formal touch to your backyard or outdoor living space and best of all they will long outlast wooden decks. The life of a wooden deck can be in terms of years. Along with a much shorter lifespan, wooden decks are also very high in maintenance, requiring wood treatments nearly every year.

While your best bet is a concrete paver, brick paver or paving stone patio, which can last a lifetime. In fact, Legacy Custom Pavers pavers have a lifetime warranty on any cracking, chipping or breaking of your pavers. In addition to that we offer a 10-year Guarantee on workmanship.

When designing a stone patio with paving stones, varying their size and colors will give your patio a quilted, cohesive look. It’s also very important to use paving stones specifically designed for patios.

Legacy Custom Pavers uses several sources for their pavers. These brick pavers that are more suitable for a variety of weather conditions Dallas has to offer and more durable to wear and tear.