Brick Paver Driveways

Legacy Custom Pavers brick paver designs suit varying degrees of traffic. Did you know that a herringbone pattern is ideal for driveways because the weight of vehicles as can be more evenly distributed to the concrete pavers. As far as any other traffic purposes, like a custom walkway, any other pattern may be used.

Pavers Driveways Photo Gallery

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Driveway Paver Types And Designs Video

Concrete Pavers, Asphalt Or Concrete

It’s no secret that a well-designed driveway really enhances the overall look of a house. When it comes to the selection of your driveway paving materials you have three choices; asphalt, concrete or brick pavers. Although concrete and asphalt will look great on your driveway, both have their downsides. Asphalt cracks and pits with holes that are evident within a few short years. Concrete slabs tend to crack and stain easily causing unsightly discoloration. With either asphalt or concrete repairs can be extreme and costly.

Pavers however are small, individual bricks, which are about as thick as they are long or wide. This makes pavers much stronger, denser, and very durable, able to withstand heavier loads than concrete slabs. Concrete slabs on the other hand, cannot flex, but instead, crack. And asphalt cracks when it is exposed to Dallas’s weather too. Since interlocking pavers can also flex during freeze thaw periods, they can handle any of our weather conditions. With a very high tensile strength, as high as 10,000 pounds per square inch, the durability of concrete pavers surpasses all other products.

When choosing your driveway whether it’s new construction or replacing your current driveway remember concrete pavers can take on any type of traffic. From shoes to car tires you will never have to worry about cracking or chipping, We GUARANTEE it. If individual pavers do get damaged, they are covered with a Lifetime Guarantee. In addition, we will come out and replace them at no charge for up to ten full years.

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