Brick Pavers Patios

Brick paver patios and concrete paver patios, also called patio pavers, can be designed to accent any living space. From your front yard and entry way to a custom walkway to your backyard, pavers are the best way to go.

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Patio Pavers Installation Video

Watch this video explaining how a patio is installed with brick pavers.

A new brick paver patio installed in your back yard is one of the most valuable additions you can make to your home. Some say it will increase your homes value by up to 20 pecent. Most people would love to have a nicely designed patio area where they can enjoy nice evenings and grill out. When considering what type of pavers to use for your new patio, there are a few things to consider in your design.

Patio paver designs and layouts are limited only by your imagination. You may prefer a classic design, or maybe a historic pattern with a layout and pattern used during the colonial period. Such concrete paver and brick paver patterns in this design include; running bond, stacked, herringbone, and basket weave. Many of our clients prefer to work with our designers to come up with a design that compliments their home and landscape.

Another aspect of patio design is the color that brick pavers come in. Many people believe that brick pavers are only available in a reddish “brick” color. Colors like styles are not limited to one type. Patio pavers are offered in many different colors from brick red, to grey, rose and purples. Using one or a variety of these colors allows you to have us create the perfect patio for you.

Patio Pavers Dallas TX Pavers Patio

Brick pavers and concrete pavers are the perfect solution for any patio area. From a practical side they are cost effective and durable. From an aesthetic side they enhance the beauty of any outdoor sitting or entertaining area. Call us today to have one of our designers come and discuss your particular project. Even if you are just in the beginning stages our free estimate will help you gain more insight to adding the perfect compliment to your yard, a brick paver patio.

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