Seat Walls, Planters And Retaining Walls

Retaining walls in Dallas and seat walls are a very popular part of backyard design and landscaping. You will see them in both in commercial and residential settings. Retaining walls are not just for aesthetics they provide function as well. You can build your wall from many different materials; stone, wood, concrete or custom blocks. The three aspects you want to consider when having a wall installed are cost, maintenance and functionality. When considering these three points custom block walls become the best choice.

This picture accents the beauty and functionality that a sit wall adds to this patio, which is made from concrete pavers. Nothing compliments pavers like seat walls and or planters.

Look at how these seat walls and planters have accented the beauty of these yards and add functionality to their outdoor living area.

The two go together beautifully and add a new level of elegance to any setting. Whether you are looking to add a seat wall to your current space or a new project our design team will meet with you to help you go over every aspect of your project. We would love to discuss your ideas and needs from replacing an old wall to the installation of a new seat or retaining wall.

Seat Walls And Planters Photo Gallery

The Functionality Of Block Walls

Walls add a lot of functionality to any area. When added to a patio or pool area block walls can be made into a seating wall. This is a great way to create more space for relaxation and entertainment. Seating walls also offer the benefit of keeping areas enclosed without blocking the views of your yard and landscaping. 

Retaining Walls Photo Gallery

Check out this retaining Walls Gallery below. Click on any image to enlarge and then use the arrows at the bottom to scroll through and view how beautiful a retaining wall can really be.

The Cost And Maintenance Of Retaining Walls

When considering the cost you have to move beyond the initial price. With wood you have ongoing costs and maintenance as well as the fact that wood doesn’t last anywhere near as long as stone or custom blocks. With mortared stone, Dallas weather conditions can cause potential cracking and decay of the concrete as we have all seen in concrete driveways, so more maintenance cost with stone too. The best alternative we believe is a custom block wall. It is not affected by the weather changes in Dallas, nor are there any real maintenance issues as we’ve seen with the other two materials.

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